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"Anox” Group started its journey in 2007 with an aim of providing one stop solution for the most of its sheet metal related needs and providing the much needed after sales service which is not available from many of the Machine Manufacturers. Since then it is growing steadily with two main factors pushing the growth. The First is Quality and second is better after sales services. The Industry has started its operations with Power Press Manufacturing and today it is having a wide range of products in its array. The Ragne includes Mechanical / Hydraulic Press Brake, Mechanical / Hydraulic Shearing Machines, Special Purpose Machines, CNC Synchro Press Brake, Hydraulic Iron Worker, Hydraulic Presses and other Sheet Metal Forming Machines.

We are the Mother Machine manufacturers for the Fabrication and Steel industry and hence, timely delivey and good after sales Service is an accential part of industry. We are taking utter care during production of the Machines that even an unskilled operator can also run the Machine with ease with taking few necessary precautions. We are the manufacturer and Exporter of Sheet Metal Forming Machines like Hydraulic Press Brake Machines, Mechanical Press Brake Machines, Hydraulic Shearing Machines like Fixed Rake Angle Type & Variable Rake Angle Type, Mechanical Shearing Machines like Under Crank Guillotine Shearing Machines & OverCrank Guillotine Shearing Machines, Mechanical Power Presses Like C – Frame Powerr Press & H – Frame Power Press, All across Perforating Press, Hydraulic Iron Wrker, etc…


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